3 Days Of Darkness




Several prophecies (dreams, visions, word from the Lord) have foretold the 3 days of darkness coming very soon. Get yourself, your family and your house prepared for the power failure that will affect the entire world.


There is going to be a sudden loss of electricity and breakdown of communication systems that will be caused by a catastrophic solar storm from the sun.


Only those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour will be safe and protected from the chaos that will arise from these 3 days of darkness. True believers of Jesus Christ will have the eternal seal of the Holy Spirit, upon saying the sinners prayer (salvation prayer), and believing it in their heart. They shall be granted with supernatural peace and protection from God, during the 3 days of darkness. After the period of darkness, the rapture will happen. This will follow a time of Great Tribulation on earth that will last for a number of years.


Although there are arguments on the internet about the length of Tribulation, it is now not the time to argue over such trivial matters. The most important thing is to make sure you are already saved. That is, by saying the sinners prayer, and believing it in your heart. Spread the gospel. Tell others that Jesus is coming very soon. Do not wait till tomorrow to do it. The next day can be too late for anything.


Stock up essential items at home to last for 3 days of darkness. Buy whatever supplies you think you may need, when the power failure begins everywhere. Get them ready as soon as possible. Start today. Preparations, praise and prayers are godly. These are not a result of fear. God always warns His chosen endtime messengers in advance of what is coming, so that people can have time to warn others, and proceed with the necessary preparations that are required.



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